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The Bell Award

(From left to right) Farray Jernigan and Anily Burnes, Sarah Wick (in memory of Terry Wick) and Bryce Najvar, Colin Chichurka and Malia Drozd, Randy Wachtel and McKaylah Lopez, Eric Appelt and Jena Appelt, Cindy Rother and Nicole Brown, Kelly Hermes and Pathik Patel, Claudette Demel and Tamisha Jones, Christie Michalcik and Abigail Hlavac, Beverly Jansky and Taylor Akenhead

The Bell Award is awarded to graduating seniors and HISD faculty members who influenced them.  Each year, all seniors write an essay identifying a faculty member who influenced them in a significant and positive manner. These essays are reviewed by a panel that is independent of Hallettsville ISD. The essays are evaluated on their quality of writing and the story described by the student.

2016 Bell Award Recipients